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"Introduction days and certified dives"

For the guest that would like to try diving or simply to visit the underwater world of Crete, Kalypso Rock's Palace offers Introduction days.
There he / she can join our Snorkeling or Discover Scuba Diving program and maybe it's your first step into a new world, the world under the sea level.

For the people still waiting on the "Jump board" a try dive is a good and safe way to experience if diving is your new holiday activity.
The special family program of Kalypso Rock's Palace is the snorkeling day, where young and old can learn that snorkeling is not just swimming on the surface.
The Introduction days of Kalypso Rock's Palace are running every day in the summer season.


Each guest is given a mask, snorkel, fins and wetsuit upon arrival which is theirs for the day. On the beach with their Instructor, they are given all the information they need about Snorkeling techniques and their equipment. They then follow an Instructor led Snorkeling Tour in the bay. The guests then may Snorkel all day by themselves in areas of the Bay they particularly like. This is an ideal family activity, especially loved by children. Skin Diving (Breath-held diving) is also available for guests to try in the afternoon upon request.

Discover SCUBA Diving (For the first timers):

There is plenty of time to become familiar with the equipment with help from our staff on the beach. The guests are then assisted into the water and their very first SCUBA dive begins. Our instructors are patient and encouraging making the guest feel safe throughout their dive which consists of two parts; the first part practicing easy skills increasing confidence in the equipment and being underwater, the second is a guided tour around the bay.


Family, friends and children don't have to stay at home, they may join the guest on a wonderful day, we call them "The Guest". Their excursion includes the Bus transfer to the south coast. They may follow the theory lessons given from our instructors in the open-air classroom or relax on the beach, swim in the sea or swimming pool and enjoy the peaceful surroundings of Kalypso.


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